Sucked sewage? Read this if you surf in the Spring…

You know the feeling: happily surfing along, whistling as you ride.  A quick wipeout, luckily you come up for air….. right in the middle of a floating toilet, complete with lashings of poop, toilet paper and other nasty debris.


After politely informing all your surfing compadres by shouting ‘sh*t’ and texting the SAS sewage team (if you are in the UK), you might be pondering just how much of that sewage is lingering on, and in you and trying to guess which nasty illness you might come down with.


Even though surfing in pooh is never going to float anyone’s boat, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the chance of you getting ill.


Here’s what you can do to reduce the chance of getting ill:

First, don’t panic.  Stress lowers your immune system, so try to laugh it off, literally.


Next, don’t try to cheer yourself up with a cake or sweets.  Sugar is what nasty bacteria need to grow, and if you’ve just swallowed some of that grim bacteria, you really don’t want to provide growth hormones on a plate for it.


Instead, if you can, get your hands on some acidophilus.  Huh?  A probiotic.  Get to a health food shop and ask for a probiotic. Pretty much any kind will do.  Just take some, every day for at least a week, and you’ll give your belly a good chance of fighting off someone else’s dumps. It’s the same stuff that you find in those ‘probiotic drinks’ only they have a lot of sugar in them, which isn’t quite what you need right now (see above). This post here has some suggestions for foods to eat which are also full of good bacteria.


Also, drink lots of water.  Flush it out.


Eat, if you can possibly bear it, a salad containing lettuce or other green leafy veg like spinach, watercress or rocket.  They act like a broom on the inside, sweeping out the gunk you swallowed, and maybe even some that was already there.  The quicker you get it out, the higher your chances of surfing another day!


You still might get ill – who knows what might be in that big ole pooh slick anyway.  But, anything you can do to lower your chance of getting ill is worth a try.


By the way, this isn’t an excuse for water companies to fill our lovely seas with plop.


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