Podcast Episode 1

Creating a podcast is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.



Ever since, during the creation of the old version of my website, when I recorded a little spoken introduction and I was hiding under my duvet to record it because I was so embarrassed about my voice (!), I’ve felt the urge to do more.

In the past couple of years, I’ve been doing loads more public speaking, and thankfully no longer mind my voice.

In fact, I think it’s ok.

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I am not skinny


Me enjoying food, and not looking skinny!
Me enjoying food, and not looking skinny

This is a confessional for anyone who hasn’t met me in person.

(If you have met me in person, you’ll already know for a fact that I am not skinny.)

But there are some folk out there who have the impression that I am skinny.


I know it’s hard to believe this if you’ve seen me in an exercise class, or at the beach or even just standing around, but there is a misconception among some of the people that have yet to meet me, that I am skinny.

Let me clear this up right now:

I am not skinny

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