Don’t ‘try’ to eat better.

How often do you say the phrase:  ‘I am trying to …… (quit sugar) (eat less) (lose weight) (drink less coffee)’?

(whatever might be relevant to you)

I know how it is: we want to be doing something good for our health, so we do our best to ditch the stuff that we feel might be causing us problems.

But, you know, LIFE gets in the way.

Someone in the office has a birthday, so they bring in cake.

You get invited to a conference, and they have nibbles.

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Reboot 101: Chuck it n ditch ’em

Thinking about doing a Reboot can feel pretty big. Especially one that lasts for only five days. All that good food gets packed in pretty darned quickly and, ideally, some things get turfed out pretty quickly too.

If the thought of managing without your favourite snacks or drinks is causing you some stress, DON’T WORRY.

Here are my favorite ways to make the transition into a Reboot, or any healthy eating plan, just that little bit easier!!

Chuck it.

In the week before you start, go through your cupboards and get rid of all the things that you know won’t be on the menu. You can do it now if you want.  I’m not keen on wasting food, so ‘getting rid’ might just mean putting the chocolate in a tub and hiding them on top of the fridge so that they aren’t in your face every day.

It might mean that you have to donate your half tub of luxury icecream to your neighbour.

Or it might mean having a bit of a blow out now, and just eating what you fancy, and ditching what you don’t. (mince pies seem to have gone out of favour big time…)

Whatever it means, be brave. And do it at some point between now, and the weekend before the Reboot starts.

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