A little rant about willpower

(I was going to write a lovely post today about my seasonal Reboots and why you should join, but that’ll have to wait.)

I’m going to have to have a little rant instead about willpower.

(and why hoping that it will save your skin as you try a new diet, or as you try to quit something for January is a really bad idea.)

I was prompted into having this little rant by something I saw at the petrol station today.

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Five tips to start right

When you first decide to do something – lose weight, get fit, start running etc – it’s easy to jump straight in without thinking about the best way of doing it.

It seems that the best way forward is to just get started (while you are actually excited about it) and that you’ll figure out the best way forward as you go along.

You’ll ask your friends about the best trainers to buy, and you’ll ask in the office for recommendations as to which well known weight loss club will work best, and you’ll see what everyone else does when it comes to exercise programmes.

Sometimes, jumping straight in just isn’t the best way forward.

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Taking the (best) biscuit

Let’s get straight to the point.


(aka cookies for you lovely non-biscuit eaters!)

Are tasty and crunchy, and they seem to pop up in the office/cafe/picnic when you least expect them.

They especially tend to pop up around 20 minutes after you’ve decided to stop eating rubbish and start eating ‘healthy’.

Which is sooo tricky, because, even though you know that a biscuit is just a biscuit, somehow your mind starts telling you that if you eat just one, you’ll fall down the hell hole of guilt and sadness and won’t be able to stop. Which means you either say ‘stuff it’ and then eat all of them, or you politely decline, and then feel sad because you have nothing to dunk in your lovely cup of tea.

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As a general rule…

There are lots of rules:

Use money to pay for stuff.

Shut up when the music is a quiet part at a gig.

Don’t walk on the grass.


Rules are there to help us all get along a little better.

Rules are supposed to make life easier for everyone, even if they can be a bit annoying sometimes.

But they are there to help us get along a bit more easily.

Sometimes though, we get quite strict with ourselves and start giving us rules for our eating.

Such as no carbs, no sugar, no wheat, no processed stuff etc etc.

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I just can’t stop eating chocolate

If there is one phrase that makes me sad, it’s this one:

I just can’t stop eating chocolate.

It’s the kind of phrase I hear a lot in the post-Christmas period, and I totally understand it. I understand it, but at the same time, I don’t suffer from it. I enjoy Christmas and the chocolate that comes with it, and then I just stop eating chocolate.  For other people though, Christmas is just another excuse to eat LOADS of chocolate (or the stuff that pretends it is chocolate) and then, once the festive season has gone, the newly-reignited sugar addiction is almost impossible to quash. 

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Kill chocolate cravings with chocolate

Picture this: I’m sitting in front of 5 ‘afternoon tea’ style cakes at my aunts house (actually she’s my aunt-in-law) and I suddenly realise that there is something weird going on. I usually head straight for the chocolate one. Always. You know what I mean, don’t you. It doesn’t matter what the chocolate one is, … Read more Kill chocolate cravings with chocolate

Surviving Christmas without trashing all the good work: part 2

Christmas is getting close. And, unless you live in a cave, you’ll have noticed that the festive season has  pretty much already started. The meet-ups, the ‘let’s go out for a drinkie/coffee/cake’ invites will already be flying, and the temptation to treat yourself because ‘it’s Christmas’ becomes a hard one to resist. And if you … Read more Surviving Christmas without trashing all the good work: part 2

Why I love PMS cravings

Yep. I know that PMS cravings aren’t exactly the coolest topic in the world.

For at least half the population, it’s just a subject of annoyance anyway, so I’m gonna suggest that if you are a bloke, you might not want to read this post.

(Likewise, if you’ve never found yourself stuffing the biggest pile of food in your mouth, and you never crave chocolate or highly refined carbohydrates at a certain time of the good old month, then go ahead and skip this post. You’ll think I’m a total waster if you do read it, and you’ll shake your head in a strange combination of sympathy and disgust which I don’t think I’m tough enough to handle just yet.)

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Reboot 101: Chuck it n ditch ’em

Thinking about doing a Reboot can feel pretty big. Especially one that lasts for only five days. All that good food gets packed in pretty darned quickly and, ideally, some things get turfed out pretty quickly too.

If the thought of managing without your favourite snacks or drinks is causing you some stress, DON’T WORRY.

Here are my favorite ways to make the transition into a Reboot, or any healthy eating plan, just that little bit easier!!

Chuck it.

In the week before you start, go through your cupboards and get rid of all the things that you know won’t be on the menu. You can do it now if you want.  I’m not keen on wasting food, so ‘getting rid’ might just mean putting the chocolate in a tub and hiding them on top of the fridge so that they aren’t in your face every day.

It might mean that you have to donate your half tub of luxury icecream to your neighbour.

Or it might mean having a bit of a blow out now, and just eating what you fancy, and ditching what you don’t. (mince pies seem to have gone out of favour big time…)

Whatever it means, be brave. And do it at some point between now, and the weekend before the Reboot starts.

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Pancakes – to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question!

Happy Pancake Day! Who doesn’t like pancakes?  If you are one of those people, turn away now.  This isn’t going to interest you at all!  For those of you that do love pancakes,but worry about the eating too much rubbish side of life, here are a couple of ideas to make them even healthier.  Keep … Read more Pancakes – to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question!