Stop putting ice in your smoothie

I don’t very often tell people what to do.

I’m more of a ‘give this a try’ or ‘why not consider this’ kind of a nutritionist.

After all, nobody likes being told what to do; especially when it comes to eating.

And I do take particular pride in calling myself the opposite of a food dictator.

So it’s quite surprising to find myself getting all feisty about something, and deciding that I am no longer able to stay silent on the subject of ice in smoothies.

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Happiness – really simple…

I love the simple links that can make life better! So here is my plan to nutrition happiness: Eating slowly = happy digestion. Eating happy = happy digestion. Happy digestion = happy body. Happy body = happiness. Is it that simple? Maybe not quite that simple, but I reckon it’s a great start. Another post … Read more Happiness – really simple…