In defence of sugar

(I totally know I shouldn’t be writing this, what with me being a nutritionist and all, but sometimes stuff just needs to be said)

Sugar makes stuff taste nice.

Yes it does.

Just like fat also makes stuff taste nice.

But unlike fat, (or at least the fats which we like to think of as good fats) sugar is pretty much a demon ingredient. Anyone who cares about their health hates sugar. Some people won’t touch the stuff because it’s a poison.

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Chocolate and the BBC

As a kid, I remember really REALLY wanting to appear on the television, or on radio, or something.

I’m not an actor, I can’t sing, and even though I can dance really well at a disco, it most definitely isn’t good enough for anyone to be impressed.

I do love talking though – I’m really good at talking – so I had figured that I could do some sort of presenting, or announcing, or something along those lines.

And growing up in Bristol meant that there were two major broadcasters I could chose from. TWO.

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Why Autumn is a bad time to start losing weight

After a Summer of ice-creams, holidays and chilled wine, our thoughts often turn to that important date in December, and more specifically, to the glamorous events that we might be lucky enough to go to, and we wonder how on earth we are going to fit into a slinky (maybe even short) little black number or smart suit.

We tend to slightly regret the extra burgers we had at the BBQ, or the double cone ice cream we had at the beach, when we realise that our bellies are ever so slightly rounder than they were at the start of the summer.
I know exactly how it feels, because I’ve been there, and am there!

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Taking the (best) biscuit

Let’s get straight to the point.


(aka cookies for you lovely non-biscuit eaters!)

Are tasty and crunchy, and they seem to pop up in the office/cafe/picnic when you least expect them.

They especially tend to pop up around 20 minutes after you’ve decided to stop eating rubbish and start eating ‘healthy’.

Which is sooo tricky, because, even though you know that a biscuit is just a biscuit, somehow your mind starts telling you that if you eat just one, you’ll fall down the hell hole of guilt and sadness and won’t be able to stop. Which means you either say ‘stuff it’ and then eat all of them, or you politely decline, and then feel sad because you have nothing to dunk in your lovely cup of tea.

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Why try dairy alternatives?

We’ve just finished a week of totally fab eating over at The Happy Detox – and some of the questions raised by the intrepid food explorers deserve answering here.

Rather than fill you up all in one sitting, I think I’ll answer the questions in separate posts.

The first one being:

Q: What was the point of having rice/oat/almond milk during the detox?

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I am not skinny


Me enjoying food, and not looking skinny!
Me enjoying food, and not looking skinny

This is a confessional for anyone who hasn’t met me in person.

(If you have met me in person, you’ll already know for a fact that I am not skinny.)

But there are some folk out there who have the impression that I am skinny.


I know it’s hard to believe this if you’ve seen me in an exercise class, or at the beach or even just standing around, but there is a misconception among some of the people that have yet to meet me, that I am skinny.

Let me clear this up right now:

I am not skinny

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Are antibiotics making you fat?

Before you laugh, this is a serious question. Why? Because gaining too much weight is about far more than just eating more than you burn off. The old ‘calories in versus calories burned’ argument is waaaaay to simplistic, and leaves peeps feeling that if only they could just eat less, they’d be fine. Which, as … Read more Are antibiotics making you fat?

Not just calories

I recently read an article which said that the loads of companies were working to cut the calories in loads of foods, in an attempt to cut down on obesity.  It’s a very worthy idea, but just misses the whole point. Losing weight isn’t just about calorie reduction. And being obese isn’t just about eating … Read more Not just calories

Healthy Brains

Sometimes, we just don’t think about our brains. Or if we do, it’s just because it doesn’t work as fast as we want, or that it is just too full up of random information to do what we want it to do.

How our brains work is way beyond most of us. In fact, it’s way beyond most scientists too, because our brains are just way too complicated. I do, however, like to think that a few basics can make a great difference to quite a lot of brain issues.

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