What do you like?

We all have things that we don’t like, don’t we?

Some people hate carrots, others can’t bear to eat fish. Some people slightly dislike cabbage enough to never want to eat it ever, and other people can sometimes just about manage mange-tout, but only if they’ve been stir fried.

Which is why I always think it’s useful to bear in mind that even though we think we don’t like something, there’s always the possibility that we might like it, if we cooked it, or prepared it in a different way.

Take my nephew and apples, for example. Full story here, but suffice to say that he only likes apples if they are cold.

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Quit gagging on healthy foods…

You may have read my last post about why some foods seem to make some people gag. If you didn’t, read it here first.

It’s really tricky when you want to eat good food, but the thought of eating broccoli, for example, makes you want to gag.

There are a few ways of retraining your body to be able to eat foods which previously caused you to gag.

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Why do some foods make you gag?

There is pretty much no way a nasty piece of food can get past my stomach.

Mouldy toast, off yogurt, under-cooked egg white, a little brown eye bit from a potato, even just watching a student member of the rugby team eat a packet of butter ; all these foods (and probably many more, but my mind has gone blank) have caused me to gag, and often barf until it hurts. Just writing about these is making my gag reflex get all pumped and ready.

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Chopping n changing!

I’ve never really liked lots of fruit. Veg I could eat all day every day, but fruit takes a bit of mental effort for me. I recently discovered that I like apples a lot more if I just chop them up a little bit. I’ve no idea why, but it just makes them tempting like a whole apple never could be.

Likewise, my nephew never liked apples much. That was until he tried one that didn’t come straight out of the fridge. So, cool dude as he is, chilled apples just don’t float his boat. Interesting.

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