What does litter have to do with nutrition?

It’s a question that I have struggled to answer – not least because today is my 100th litter pick this year – whoop whoop!

I have struggled to answer these question around the link between nutrition and litter simply because I don’t want to sound like the kind of person who tells you off for eating a bar of chocolate. The kind of nutritionist that makes you feel bad for you brown bubbly caffeinated soft drink habit. The kind of dictator that expects you to do what I say, when I say it, without question.

But, I’m starting to feel like I’m failing you if I don’t at least highlight the link a little.

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A video about the Winter Warmer Five Day Reboot


There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing your first ever proper video. I know that I’m not in this video about the Winter Warmer Five Day Reboot, but just seeing the video is making me happy dance!     Full details about the Reboot are here – we’d love to share the Reboot love with … Read more A video about the Winter Warmer Five Day Reboot

Chocolate and the BBC

As a kid, I remember really REALLY wanting to appear on the television, or on radio, or something.

I’m not an actor, I can’t sing, and even though I can dance really well at a disco, it most definitely isn’t good enough for anyone to be impressed.

I do love talking though – I’m really good at talking – so I had figured that I could do some sort of presenting, or announcing, or something along those lines.

And growing up in Bristol meant that there were two major broadcasters I could chose from. TWO.

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Time away from the busy-ness of life

Life is soooo busy.

There are always a million things that need to be done. And if you are running your own business – like me! – finding time to actually do proper ‘thinking’ work on your business is really really hard. And it’s just as hard to eat right when you barely have time to put paper in your printer.

That’s why I run The Healthy Business Retreat. It’s a great time to get away from the busy-ness of life, and head right into the heart of your business.

But in a wonderfully relaxing yet focused way.

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As a general rule…

There are lots of rules:

Use money to pay for stuff.

Shut up when the music is a quiet part at a gig.

Don’t walk on the grass.


Rules are there to help us all get along a little better.

Rules are supposed to make life easier for everyone, even if they can be a bit annoying sometimes.

But they are there to help us get along a bit more easily.

Sometimes though, we get quite strict with ourselves and start giving us rules for our eating.

Such as no carbs, no sugar, no wheat, no processed stuff etc etc.

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Sucked sewage? Read this if you surf in the Spring…

You know the feeling: happily surfing along, whistling as you ride.  A quick wipeout, luckily you come up for air….. right in the middle of a floating toilet, complete with lashings of poop, toilet paper and other nasty debris.


After politely informing all your surfing compadres by shouting ‘sh*t’ and texting the SAS sewage team (if you are in the UK), you might be pondering just how much of that sewage is lingering on, and in you and trying to guess which nasty illness you might come down with.


Even though surfing in pooh is never going to float anyone’s boat, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the chance of you getting ill.

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Oooooh, indeedy.

There can’t be many people who don’t like chocolate (can there?), and I am so pleased to tell you that chocolate is not as bad for you as you might think.

But before you go out and chomp yourself a huge bar of the stuff, you need to bear in mind the following:

When I say ‘chocolate’, I mean proper chocolate.

A lump of brown coloured, chocolate flavoured vegetable fat with sweeteners does NOT count as chocolate.

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