Hot stuff!

Today we are talking hot stuff.

And by hot stuff, I don’t mean the weather. And I don’t mean your shiny gold hot pants, eh, Kylie!

No, by ‘hot stuff’, I mean HOT DRINKS.

Which is a bit weird because, surely, as you undoubtedly know, I am not against hot drinks. The odd cup of coffee (when you aren’t doing my detox, of course) is perfectly fine, and a nice cup of tea can be a lovely companion to toast and eggs at the weekend.

What I am talking about here is the super-mega-boiling stuff that some of you like to pour almost straight from the kettle, down your throat. You know who you are, so please don’t hide behind the steam billowing from your chai.

Why do I care so much about hot stuff like that?

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They just wanted to fob me off with ‘IBS’ and give me painkillers and Fybogel v being healthy

Does this sound familiar? If it doesn’t ring a bell for you, there’s every chance you know someone who struggles with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and is very used to taking Fybogel as either a laxative or to control some of the other symptoms of IBS rather than learning about being healthy, whatever that might mean for them.

Now, there are loads of reasons people struggle with IBS, and there is no way I can go through enough information in one blog post to help everyone.  Each and every case of IBS is different (which is partly why I get annoyed with the term ‘IBS’ because it is just a cover-all term which doesn’t even begin to try to sort out WHY all the problems are happening) and very individual.

As a nutritionist, plenty of clients come to me with digestive problems and I love the detective part of my job which is helping folk figure out what is causing the problem.  To be fair, I haven’t had to do a huge amount of investigative work, because often it just takes just a little bit of thought, and a few changes to a diet, and amazing things can happen. And I’m not just talking for people who get a little bit of belly ache now and again.

One client, called Laura, came to me last year suffering with really bad IBS symptoms and had spent over ten years – yes, you read that right – struggling with gut problems that would make anyone want to just roll over and quit.  She came to see me as a last resort (sure, it does hurt to be the last resort, but I don’t mind!) after being fobbed off over and over again.

Now, we didn’t do anything crazy. I didn’t ban her from eating her fave foods or instruct her to eat only foods grown in a three mile radius of her house. I didn’t take blood samples. She didn’t have to do any bowel cleanses, or strange yoga moves, and she didn’t even have to dance naked under a full moon.

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