Juice v Smoothie

What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?


On a very basic level, it’s as simple as this:

A juice is made by squeezing out the juice from inside a piece of fruit or veg.

A smoothie is made by blending up ingredients such as fruit, veg, nuts or some dairy etc.

It means that juice is just the goodness – such as vitamins and minerals – found in whatever it was that you juiced.

And a smoothie is an easy-to-drink/eat mix of what you blended.

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3 things to consider before asking Santa for a NutriBullet

Christmas is coming, and everyone you know is buying a NutriBullet (or a juicer, or a smoothie maker of some sort).

You want one too, because; *SHINY NEW THING*

Before you go taking up valuable stocking space by asking for the latest in juicing magickery, think about these three key points:

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Quit gagging on healthy foods…

You may have read my last post about why some foods seem to make some people gag. If you didn’t, read it here first.

It’s really tricky when you want to eat good food, but the thought of eating broccoli, for example, makes you want to gag.

There are a few ways of retraining your body to be able to eat foods which previously caused you to gag.

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What I eat before my 7.30am bootcamp!

It took me quite a while to figure out the best thing for me to eat before my super early Saturday morning bootcamp.  Anything solid just didn’t work, and left me almost ready to barf at the first burpee.  I tried smoothies, but they still didn’t have time to go anywhere other than up before … Read more What I eat before my 7.30am bootcamp!