What does litter have to do with nutrition?

It’s a question that I have struggled to answer – not least because today is my 100th litter pick this year – whoop whoop!

I have struggled to answer these question around the link between nutrition and litter simply because I don’t want to sound like the kind of person who tells you off for eating a bar of chocolate. The kind of nutritionist that makes you feel bad for you brown bubbly caffeinated soft drink habit. The kind of dictator that expects you to do what I say, when I say it, without question.

But, I’m starting to feel like I’m failing you if I don’t at least highlight the link a little.

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Pancakes – to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question!

Happy Pancake Day! Who doesn’t like pancakes?  If you are one of those people, turn away now.  This isn’t going to interest you at all!  For those of you that do love pancakes,but worry about the eating too much rubbish side of life, here are a couple of ideas to make them even healthier.  Keep … Read more Pancakes – to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question!

Vitamin D – where does it come from and how do I get me some?

I was asked this great question today by the lovely @bossanovamax on twitter today! “What can you recommend about vit d news going on. How do we get more into our kids without any sun?” The answer is pretty simple really, and goes something like this: Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin, found mainly … Read more Vitamin D – where does it come from and how do I get me some?

Cold wintery bike rides…

This is the time of year when most people are facing a bit of a conundrum (love that word!). A likely New Year resolution is to get fit, start exercising more or loose weight, but at the same time, the weather doesn’t exactly tempt you to jumping out of the car and cycling to work instead. Nor does it make you feel like a stroll round the block instead of watching Eastenders.

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Oooooh, indeedy.

There can’t be many people who don’t like chocolate (can there?), and I am so pleased to tell you that chocolate is not as bad for you as you might think.

But before you go out and chomp yourself a huge bar of the stuff, you need to bear in mind the following:

When I say ‘chocolate’, I mean proper chocolate.

A lump of brown coloured, chocolate flavoured vegetable fat with sweeteners does NOT count as chocolate.

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Are multivitamins and minerals 'cheating'?

Now, ask this question of almost anyone, and you will get a different answer from each person.

So here’s my answer:

I would love to be able to say that taking vitamins was just not necessary, but unfortunately, we don’t live in a naturally perfect world, where we go out every dawn, collecting from the wild the food that we will eat that day. Even if we did live such lives, chances are that we wouldn’t be getting exactly the foods that provide the perfect range of vitamins and minerals we need for that day.

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Bike crashes and road rashes

Two weeks ago, a cycling client of mine, who is a bit of a speedster managed to come flying off his bike, skidding along the floor and landing in a pile on the Bristol to Bath cycle path. Luckily, nothing was broken, except large areas of his skin disapeared and a few muscles around his ribs were pulled and twisted making it very hard to breath properly. Ouch! Bless his cotton socks. The danger for him was that by not taking deep enough breaths, he was at risk of getting a lung infection. Luckily for him though, we had a quick consultation and he was able to ensure that his skin wounds healed super fast, and his lungs, whilst still sore, have remained infection free – hurrah!

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Chopping n changing!

I’ve never really liked lots of fruit. Veg I could eat all day every day, but fruit takes a bit of mental effort for me. I recently discovered that I like apples a lot more if I just chop them up a little bit. I’ve no idea why, but it just makes them tempting like a whole apple never could be.

Likewise, my nephew never liked apples much. That was until he tried one that didn’t come straight out of the fridge. So, cool dude as he is, chilled apples just don’t float his boat. Interesting.

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Eating for energy

When you eat, you often think that you are getting lots of energy from your food. Which, clearly, you are. At the same time though, it’s easy to forget that digesting food takes up loads of energy. So, if you don’t have much energy to start with, and you eat something which takes up a lot of energy to digest, you aren’t actually going to end up the super energized bunny that you thought you would.

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