Nutrition for anyone into sport, at any level!

You may already be well into riding/running/swimming or doing any other sport, or you may just be thinking about starting. Whatever level you are at, your energy levels, recovery periods, resistance to injury and ability to heal after injury as well as overall performance can be improved. No matter where you are right now, there is always room to get faster, further, higher or lower (if you happen to be a diver perhaps!). But thinking in purely ‘energy’ terms just isn’t enough. If you give your body just energy, then it only has energy, and nothing more. Nothing to use to repair injuries. Nothing to help clear out the lactic acid or other waste products that exercise naturally produces. Nothing to protect your cells etc from the damage that occurs.

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Healthy Brains

Sometimes, we just don’t think about our brains. Or if we do, it’s just because it doesn’t work as fast as we want, or that it is just too full up of random information to do what we want it to do.

How our brains work is way beyond most of us. In fact, it’s way beyond most scientists too, because our brains are just way too complicated. I do, however, like to think that a few basics can make a great difference to quite a lot of brain issues.

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Support tutor for Nutritional Healing Foundation

The Nutritional Healing Foundation is the amazing organisation which was my nutrition ‘home’ as a student for two years. The course I studied was very hard work, but a huge amount of fun, and so I was thrilled to recently be asked by the Foundation to join in and help some of their second year students by acting as a Support Tutor for a day.

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