Tasty coleslaw

Summer is here and one of my favourite things to eat when the weather gets warm (and especially at a barbeque) is this simple yet bloomin’ marvelous coleslaw which my hubby (Steve) often makes.

It takes just a few minutes to make, keeps for a couple of days in the fridge (if you don’t eat it all, that is) and is better than any coleslaw you could get from the shops.

It’s just one of the recipes featured in my seasonal Five Day Reboot – so if you fancy trying a few more recipes to get you eating a bit more healthy again (and want some support from me and a lovely gang of people!) then click here to sign up and really kick start your eating this year!

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A video about the Winter Warmer Five Day Reboot


There’s nothing quite as exciting as seeing your first ever proper video. I know that I’m not in this video about the Winter Warmer Five Day Reboot, but just seeing the video is making me happy dance!     Full details about the Reboot are here – we’d love to share the Reboot love with … Read more A video about the Winter Warmer Five Day Reboot

This is not the time to go on a diet

Now (ie, any time between now and Spring) is not the time to go on a diet.

I know how much you want to.

You’ve eaten loads.

Pretty much non-stop.

The biscuits. The crackers. The cheese. The After Eights. The flatbread with red onion. The sausages (little and big ones). The mince pies. The jelly. The pate. The sausage rolls (big and little ones). The tubes of sweets. The chocolates. The crisps. The nachos. Oh the nachos with all the dips.

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Got spare beetroot?

Do you do this too?

See bunches of beetroot in the supermarket or fruit and veg stall, decide that you are going to make loads of beetroot juice and then realise you don’t really like it enough to use up a whole bunch of beetroot.

I do this at least a couple of times a year, which is one of the reasons I love this recipe. It’s quick and easy to do (unless you have to grate stuff by hand, in which case it’s still easy, but takes a little bit of extra effort!) and it’ll keep in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days, which means you have a handy, ready to go boost of beetroot whenever you need it.

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Too. Much. Chocolate.

I’m Claire, a nutritional therapist who likes eating chocolate.

Why am I confessing this right at the start?

Well, I don’t want you to think that:

a) I’m a food dictator;

b) That I only eat pure, clean and 100% perfectly all the time.

No matter how much we know about food, or nutrition, or healthy living, we all slip into cheeky habits. The odd nibble of chocolate becomes a flood of Easter Eggs at this time of year. And the occasional social glass of wine easily becomes a whole bottle after a hard day.

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Reboot 101: Chuck it n ditch ’em

Thinking about doing a Reboot can feel pretty big. Especially one that lasts for only five days. All that good food gets packed in pretty darned quickly and, ideally, some things get turfed out pretty quickly too.

If the thought of managing without your favourite snacks or drinks is causing you some stress, DON’T WORRY.

Here are my favorite ways to make the transition into a Reboot, or any healthy eating plan, just that little bit easier!!

Chuck it.

In the week before you start, go through your cupboards and get rid of all the things that you know won’t be on the menu. You can do it now if you want.  I’m not keen on wasting food, so ‘getting rid’ might just mean putting the chocolate in a tub and hiding them on top of the fridge so that they aren’t in your face every day.

It might mean that you have to donate your half tub of luxury icecream to your neighbour.

Or it might mean having a bit of a blow out now, and just eating what you fancy, and ditching what you don’t. (mince pies seem to have gone out of favour big time…)

Whatever it means, be brave. And do it at some point between now, and the weekend before the Reboot starts.

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