Apple and blackberry crumble (wheat-free too!)

As we move from the Summer to the Autumn, it’s time to start thinking about Apple and Blackberry Crumble (in fact, it’s time to think about any kind of crumble, if I’m totally honest with you).

I’m not into making things overly fancy – which is why my wheat-free crumble which features in my Five Day Autumn Reboot might be just what you need to top your lovely autumnal fruit. You can play free and easy with this recipe – the amounts aren’t set in stone, so just go with what works for your Apple and Blackberry Crumble.


Apple and Blackberry Crumble (wheat-free too!)

(I’m going to assume that you’ve already sorted the bottom half of your crumble – you know, the fruity part. If you want to reduce the amount of sugar you use in the fruit, try adding cinnamon and/or some raisins – sweetens it up a treat!)

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Tasty coleslaw

Summer is here and one of my favourite things to eat when the weather gets warm (and especially at a barbeque) is this simple yet bloomin’ marvelous coleslaw which my hubby (Steve) often makes.

It takes just a few minutes to make, keeps for a couple of days in the fridge (if you don’t eat it all, that is) and is better than any coleslaw you could get from the shops.

It’s just one of the recipes featured in my seasonal Five Day Reboot – so if you fancy trying a few more recipes to get you eating a bit more healthy again (and want some support from me and a lovely gang of people!) then click here to sign up and really kick start your eating this year!

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Got spare beetroot?

Do you do this too?

See bunches of beetroot in the supermarket or fruit and veg stall, decide that you are going to make loads of beetroot juice and then realise you don’t really like it enough to use up a whole bunch of beetroot.

I do this at least a couple of times a year, which is one of the reasons I love this recipe. It’s quick and easy to do (unless you have to grate stuff by hand, in which case it’s still easy, but takes a little bit of extra effort!) and it’ll keep in the fridge in an airtight container for a couple of days, which means you have a handy, ready to go boost of beetroot whenever you need it.

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Ella’s Tomato Soup

You know me. I’m all about the food.

If it doesn’t taste good, then I don’t want to know about it. It doesn’t matter how nutritious something is, or how many points it has, if it tastes rubbish, then I’m really not interested.

Which is why I’m always really really super excited when I find something really tasty to get my chops around. Especially if it as easy to make as a soup, and tastes as good as this one.

So, why not getting cooking some fab tomato soup from my lovely friend Ella?

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Lush wheatfree cookies for you

If you like eating cookies, but don’t want the fat-making and teeth rotting sugar rush of ‘normal cookies’, try these instead. They are totally lush, and are much better for you than most other kinds of cookies.  You can play with the ingredients to make them more your thing (a bit of grated chocolate tastes pretty good!) an you can eat them knowing that you aren’t wrecking your health – yeah!

They are also easy enough for kids to make too – and even the mix in the bowl tastes amazing too!

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