Post-exercise chocolate milk

People, especially runners, talk about chocolate milk as being a great ‘post exercise’ refueling drink, and I have to agree. It is pretty fantastic.

It tastes good, it quickly gets protein to where it needs to go, and it is super convenient – no need to start cooking an omelette when you have chocolate milk around. In fact, when I talk with clients about exercise, one of the ways I recommend refueling is to have chocolate milk.

But when you look at the ingredients of most commercial chocolate milk drinks, there is a lot of random stuff in there which isn’t exactly what you need. Added sugars, sweeteners, flavourings etc. Those are things that don’t help rebuild muscle.

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What should you eat before going for a run?

You are due to head out for a run.

You know that if you eat something heavy, you will most likely end up barfing it onto the street.

But you are starving hungry.

So you choff down your sarnies in a hurry to give you some energy, and then you’ll have your healthy banana later.


If that’s you, then I’m screaming at you: DON’T DO IT.


Because what you eat is sometimes not as important as WHEN you eat it.

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Get yourself some Spring Energy

Finally, after a long Winter which seemed tg go on for pretty much ALL of last year, we are heading into Spring.

Which is precisely when you want to hitch up your trousers and dip those toes in the waves as they lap the shore.
You want to hoik your over-sized wooly jumper off and get some sun on your skin.
You want to jump right into your spangly new trainers, and knock two minutes off your personal best (whether it is on your trot around the block, or your Ultra-Marathon training)

You want to jump on your bike and peddle furiously with the wind blowing the cobwebs and sleep out of your eyes.

But. Yes, of course there is a but.

But, there is something missing. Something not quite right. Somehow, in some strange way, you feel, erm, you KNOW YOU ARE NOT QUITE UP FOR IT.

You are still wrapped in that extra layer of cuddliness which kept yMmmm, orangesou warm all Winter long. You haven’t quite come out of hibernation mode yet. Or, worse, you weren’t allowed to hibernate properly – kids, work, life – and you are fighting your way to the coffee pot each and every morning just so you have the energy to pull your tights on over your PJs. Darn it. Take the PJs off first.

Your brain is saying ‘yeah, life’ and your body is saying ‘noooooooo, curl up, roll over and don’t fall out’.

You need caffeine to wake you up, cakes to keep you going and then vino to get you to chill out.

You can’t see how you would ever have the time in the morning to wrap up a sarnie for later, let alone wrap up your life in a big bubble of joy.

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Not just calories

I recently read an article which said that the loads of companies were working to cut the calories in loads of foods, in an attempt to cut down on obesity.  It’s a very worthy idea, but just misses the whole point. Losing weight isn’t just about calorie reduction. And being obese isn’t just about eating … Read more Not just calories

Hot burning lungs….

I don’t have asthma, so I really can’t claim to know how it feels when you just can’t breathe, but as a trying-to-start-running-a-bit runner, I definitely know how it feels when your lungs start burning and you can’t breathe in and you can’t breathe out.  Whenever I tried running as a kid, the lung pain … Read more Hot burning lungs….