On admitting the scary stuff

It was World Escape Day – you know, the amazing day organised by the fab people at Escape the City, and I was asked to be a speaker.

Which was cool – yay me – but also a bit strange because rather than prepare a talk on nutrition or health or food, I was asked to inspire the people at the event in their quest to quit their jobs and go do something amazing instead.

I dutifully (because I’m a very good person) prepared my notes and planned on talking about:

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I am not skinny


Me enjoying food, and not looking skinny!
Me enjoying food, and not looking skinny

This is a confessional for anyone who hasn’t met me in person.

(If you have met me in person, you’ll already know for a fact that I am not skinny.)

But there are some folk out there who have the impression that I am skinny.


I know it’s hard to believe this if you’ve seen me in an exercise class, or at the beach or even just standing around, but there is a misconception among some of the people that have yet to meet me, that I am skinny.

Let me clear this up right now:

I am not skinny

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