Stop putting ice in your smoothie

I don’t very often tell people what to do.

I’m more of a ‘give this a try’ or ‘why not consider this’ kind of a nutritionist.

After all, nobody likes being told what to do; especially when it comes to eating.

And I do take particular pride in calling myself the opposite of a food dictator.

So it’s quite surprising to find myself getting all feisty about something, and deciding that I am no longer able to stay silent on the subject of ice in smoothies.

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Juice v Smoothie

What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?


On a very basic level, it’s as simple as this:

A juice is made by squeezing out the juice from inside a piece of fruit or veg.

A smoothie is made by blending up ingredients such as fruit, veg, nuts or some dairy etc.

It means that juice is just the goodness – such as vitamins and minerals – found in whatever it was that you juiced.

And a smoothie is an easy-to-drink/eat mix of what you blended.

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3 ways to better green juices

I know that you know that green juices are good for you.

You might even be brave enough to try making the odd one, every now and again.

And each time you do, well, you gag just a little bit.

You want to feel the goodness of the green-ness, but all you can taste is grass.

Grass, mixed with cucumber and kale. And it does not go down easy.

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