Lush wheatfree cookies for you

If you like eating cookies, but don’t want the fat-making and teeth rotting sugar rush of ‘normal cookies’, try these instead. They are totally lush, and are much better for you than most other kinds of cookies.  You can play with the ingredients to make them more your thing (a bit of grated chocolate tastes pretty good!) an you can eat them knowing that you aren’t wrecking your health – yeah!

They are also easy enough for kids to make too – and even the mix in the bowl tastes amazing too!

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Pancakes – to avoid or not to avoid, that is the question!

Happy Pancake Day! Who doesn’t like pancakes?  If you are one of those people, turn away now.  This isn’t going to interest you at all!  For those of you that do love pancakes,but worry about the eating too much rubbish side of life, here are a couple of ideas to make them even healthier.  Keep … Read more