Quit gagging on healthy foods…

You may have read my last post about why some foods seem to make some people gag. If you didn’t, read it here first.

It’s really tricky when you want to eat good food, but the thought of eating broccoli, for example, makes you want to gag.

There are a few ways of retraining your body to be able to eat foods which previously caused you to gag.

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It’s all just a continuum

And I don’t mean a space-time continuum like in Back to the Future (although, that was one of the best films of my youth-hood and maybe I should do more ‘where we’re going, we don’t need roads’ when I pull out of the driveway in my Delorean Ford Focus)


When I say it’s all just a continuum, I am talking about health, food and your approach to eating.

(btw, totally ignore this post if you are not interested in eating better or feeling better)

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