Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution is rubbish – Podcast Episode 3

Your New Year Resolution to lose weight this year is a rubbish one. It really is. And even though you really mean it, you are probably going to fail.


Because many resolutions – up to around 60% of them, depending on what you read – fail within one month. ONE month.

And if you are planning on losing weight, changing your eating habits or starting a fitness program, that figure goes even higher – up to 80% of fitness and health resolutions fail.

So why bother? Why even think about making changes if those changes are going to fail before the first month of the year has come to a close?

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No time to sleep?

So many of my clients say the same thing:

I’m so tired.

I’m knackered.

I don’t have enough energy.

Yet when I ask them how much sleep they are getting, the answer is often:

Not enough.

See, they already know that they aren’t getting enough sleep, but at the same time, they don’t prioritise getting the sleep that they need. They say they have no time to sleep.

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This is not the time to go on a diet

Now (ie, any time between now and Spring) is not the time to go on a diet.

I know how much you want to.

You’ve eaten loads.

Pretty much non-stop.

The biscuits. The crackers. The cheese. The After Eights. The flatbread with red onion. The sausages (little and big ones). The mince pies. The jelly. The pate. The sausage rolls (big and little ones). The tubes of sweets. The chocolates. The crisps. The nachos. Oh the nachos with all the dips.

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Why Autumn is a bad time to start losing weight

After a Summer of ice-creams, holidays and chilled wine, our thoughts often turn to that important date in December, and more specifically, to the glamorous events that we might be lucky enough to go to, and we wonder how on earth we are going to fit into a slinky (maybe even short) little black number or smart suit.

We tend to slightly regret the extra burgers we had at the BBQ, or the double cone ice cream we had at the beach, when we realise that our bellies are ever so slightly rounder than they were at the start of the summer.
I know exactly how it feels, because I’ve been there, and am there!

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Are antibiotics making you fat?

Before you laugh, this is a serious question. Why? Because gaining too much weight is about far more than just eating more than you burn off. The old ‘calories in versus calories burned’ argument is waaaaay to simplistic, and leaves peeps feeling that if only they could just eat less, they’d be fine. Which, as … Read more Are antibiotics making you fat?

A food lesson from a snowboard instructor

I used to teach snowboarding. Yes, it’s true. I did, and I loved it. I was even quite good at it, for someone who took about 3 years to learn to ride a snowboard. Anyhoo, here is possibly the biggest tip I could give you which relates to both snowboarding AND to eating well. Look … Read more A food lesson from a snowboard instructor

Do you eat ‘bad’ foods fast?

I’ve been really noticing how I eat.

(I really am so rock and roll!)

And I don’t just mean the way I move the fork from the plate to my mouth.

I mean in terms of the way I eat differently depending on what I am eating. And I’ve noticed something really funny.

Even though I don’t eat much in the way of ‘rubbish’ food, I have realised that when I am eating something which isn’t a super-amazing healthy food, I tend to eat it quite fast. I don’t mean proper shovelling speed by any means, but my usual average pace of eating definitely speeds up a notch or two when I am eating something a tad cheeky.

If you want to blame the fact that I am scared someone will catch me eating an icecream, you couldn’t be more wrong on that one. I love it when I get caught with vanilla icecream melted around my chops because it gives me another chance to rant about the differences between icecream and nicecream.

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Don't let scales screw up your happiness

Let’s just imagine, shall we?

You are losing a bit of the weight that’s been pulling you down for a long time. You are getting fit. You are getting strong. You try on some clothes which you haven’t worn in years, and yes, amazingly, they fit. They don’t just fit. You + those clothes = FIT BIRD. You get admiring glances from those who get to feel that new body, and you get admiring comments from the friends and family who know how low you have felt being bigger than you wanted.

And yet, despite the pert buttocks, flatter belly, and hint of delicate muscles which are starting to grace your arms and the flood of sexiness which has turned your slumping gait into a catwalk sashay, you STILL jump on the bloody scales, see that you’ve only lost a pound, and instantly you feel deflated. And I don’t mean in a good way. Just in a crappy, ‘why am I doing this?’ kind of way.

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Not just calories

I recently read an article which said that the loads of companies were working to cut the calories in loads of foods, in an attempt to cut down on obesity.  It’s a very worthy idea, but just misses the whole point. Losing weight isn’t just about calorie reduction. And being obese isn’t just about eating … Read more Not just calories