Taking the (best) biscuit

Let’s get straight to the point.


(aka cookies for you lovely non-biscuit eaters!)

Are tasty and crunchy, and they seem to pop up in the office/cafe/picnic when you least expect them.

They especially tend to pop up around 20 minutes after you’ve decided to stop eating rubbish and start eating ‘healthy’.

Which is sooo tricky, because, even though you know that a biscuit is just a biscuit, somehow your mind starts telling you that if you eat just one, you’ll fall down the hell hole of guilt and sadness and won’t be able to stop. Which means you either say ‘stuff it’ and then eat all of them, or you politely decline, and then feel sad because you have nothing to dunk in your lovely cup of tea.

So, what should you do?

How can you have a biscuit or two, and not feel rubbish about it?

The answer is simple: you take the best biscuit you can, enjoy it and then carry on.

My very simple, and entirely based on my own personal beliefs, way to choose the best biscuit is to pick one which has one or more of the following:

nuts (good for you, and help keep your blood sugar nice and steady – ie, stop you from bingeing on more and more biscuits),

ginger or cinnamon (both are good for keeping your metabolism up – ie, might help you burn off the extra calories),

oats (rather than wheat – you probably had wheat 4 times already today, so for the sake of a balanced diet, get an oaty biscuit),

butter or coconut oil (rather than margarine – needs no further explanation),

chocolate, preferably dark chocolate (chocolate = magnesium = goodness all round),

coconut (a superstar fab ingredient),

handmade (tends to have proper ingredients rather than weird things which mean you are eating loads of extra calories as well as loads of extra random weird things!)


So, if you feel the need to stuff, a homemade ginger biscuit made with butter and oats is pretty much almost a health food. And if you are at the office, and homemade isn’t an option, a nutty oaty biscuit with a chocolate topping is almost as good…

Time to put the kettle on, me thinks.

If this post has helped you choose a better biscuit, why not share it with your colleagues and start a little biscuit revolution in your office.



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  1. Hey, Claire – good to hear from you in my email (no ‘remembering to check’ required!)
    Thanks for the tips on how to pick the “lesser of 3 evils” cookies/biscuits – useful for other snackie-bits, too!


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