Tasty pizza

Yes.  Here follows a receipe for a tasty pizza.  It’s also a healthy, or at least, relatively so compared to your average takeaway or supermarket pizza.  It tastes just like a normal homemade pizza.  The key word here is ‘homemade’.  Any homemade pizza is going to be somewhat rustic compared to a shop/restaurant pizza.  But, if you want to eat pizza without having a wheat overload, this is pretty much toptastic!

Here goes:

(this receipe is my very adapted version of a pizza receipe in the brilliant book “Boost your child’s immune system” by Lucy Burney.)

250g spelt flour – wholewheat spelt is better for your bowels, but white spelt is somewhat lighter!  And 200g Kamut flour – quite difficult to find.  In Bristol, I get mine from Wild Oats or Waitrose.

1 teaspoon of yeast

About 220ml warm water (but you may need to add more to make the dough doughy! (Kamut seems to require quite a lot of water.

3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

A bread machine makes it easier.  Yes, I know it’s cheating if you are a superhero.  But I am not, so we cheat, and it means we get to eat lush homemade pizza more than once a year.

Put it all in the bread machine, set it to ‘pizza dough’ and let the whole fandangle get to work.  During the mixing cycle, keep an eye on the mix – it should start to look like dough pretty quick, so if it doesn’t, you need to add a little extra water until it does.  Easy as you go though – too much and your pizza is putz!

After mixing, roll out the dough – this amount should make enough for two big pizzas and three or four little ones (or do what I do – break it in half, stick one in a bag n freeze, and use the other to make a large and two small pizzas).  Once you have rolled out your pizzas onto floured trays, let them rise for a couple of hours.  Then, add toppings such as passata, peas, sweetcorn, pineapple, mushrooms, onions, etc. If you have loads of lush toppings, you will only need a couple of bags of mozzarella cheese to top them off.  And if you are cheese-free, go crazy with the herbs.  Herbs make a pizza.

Cook in the oven (on about 200 Centigrade, or 400 F) for about 15-20 mins.  Eat with whatever you like to eat your pizza with, and feel proud and strong!

This wheat-free (but not gluten free) pizza is just one of the ways that I recommend adding different foods into your life – something that I do with my clients a lot.

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