“I feel in control, empowered. Great support, a few belly laughs and motivation to keep going even if you falter a little.”
Hannah, Keynsham who joined the 2016 Spring Reboot

Happy client testimonials

Family and intolerances:

IMG_8261“Claire carefully and thoroughly supported my son to understand his food intolerance in more detail specifically the impact of certain foods on his body. She made the session engaging and fun, ensuring a great balance between science and relevance, with easily digestible nuggets of wisdom. Sam now feels very confident to make stress free daily food choices to help him maximise his health, sporting fitness and general wellbeing without feeling intimidated by his intolerance.”

Diane Dawson, Mum of 2 and Director of Vigiles Group.


Coping with diabetes:

6889“After recently being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes I felt unsure and unclear about the advice given to me about eating to help control my blood sugars. I knew Claire from previously trying one of her online programmes so I got in touch.

Claire is extremely knowledgeable and approachable and I have felt confident and motivated to put her advice into practise over the last six weeks. I have reduced the amount of insulin I need to take and have more energy and less cravings for carbs and sugar between meals.

It feels great to take control of my health and gain an understanding of what food does to my body, I couldn’t have done this without Claire’s help and advice.”

Helen Nash


“You’ve completely changed my life, for the better.
Yes, a big statement, I know, but it’s true!
I implemented one of your tips, have a good protein-rich breakfast, and I truly feel like a different person. I now get up 15 minutes earlier ( its worth it!) to make myself poached eggs on toast (with spinach) and it just sets me up for the day.
I’m one of those people who’s ruled by my stomach, and get really grouchy when I’m hungry (my partner calls it ‘the food monster’!!), and usually this would happen to me by 10 am because I’d be hungry already. Now I keep going till lunchtime without any problems, it’s amazing and I really feel so much better for it! The rest of the day seems to go more smoothly too in terms of food, I feel more balanced.
So, thank you so much!!
Laetitia Templeman


After our consultation last week, I took your advice and already see and feel the impact! I have made the small changes and have so much more energy throughout the day. I feel less drained, more together and I’m finally able to get back to exercise (physio is working!). Who would have known a short consultation with you would have changed so much! I am definitely a ’start right and carry on’ convert. Thank you, I am more than happy to recommend you to anyone.

Annabel Giraud-Telme, Fashion Designer, annabelsjournal.com


“The good thing about the Reboot is it helped me get back on track, and I loved seeing everyone’s meals and ideas.
I loved the Facebook group – great to see everyone’s ideas of what to eat, definitely motivational, and it felt like we were all in it together.”
Clare Stoodley, Bristol after the Spring Reboot in Start Right and Carry On.


Taking part in an endurance event:marc woodland

Myself and three others recently embarked on a 400 mile cycling journey, from Bristol to Brussels, raising money for Children’s Hospice South West. This was a huge task for the four of us and the longest either of us has ever cycled so we knew we had to be well prepared and have all the help we can get.

Claire gave us some nutrition advice in the build-up to the event and her help was invaluable. I honestly believe if it wasn’t for Claire’s expert advice we may not have made it. Claire explained to us what to eat and drink each morning to prepare for a long day on the bike, what to snack on as we went along and then a good recovery meal in the evening.

Thank you Claire for all your help and support – you were the guardian angel on our shoulders.

Marc Woodland, Cyclist and owner of Winbox


On becoming less confused:profile

I was so impressed by Claire’s attitude to health and nutrition. She helped me navigate through all the nutrition nonsense that is sometimes written and spoken about. She is practical, knowledgeable and delivers her advice with warmth and humour.
I highly recommend you sign up with Claire if you want to avoid silly food fads, dodgy diets and want manageable and useful advice about food and health.

Corine Hines, Business Coach at SpringBoard



On being an athlete:

12483286_10153171418625946_679351672_o“Claire doesn’t claim to be able to change your life but that’s pretty much what she helped me do.

After many years of competing at a very high level in a few different sports, age was beginning to catch me out; I found I was struggling to recover as quick as I used to. I began to think I’d have to give up all the sports and activities I enjoyed so much. And didn’t like where my life was heading.

My attitude towards my fitness had always been ‘get up, compete, win/lose, get on with the next day’. I paid no attention to diet etc…….I was a fool and my body was suffering, which also put a toll on my quality of life. I’m self employed and married with kids, which relies on me being healthy.

So here I found myself 38 years old, I’d had 2 knee surgeries and major spinal surgery in the last 5 years, constant pain from other old injuries and was struggling to juggle family life, work and sports. Then a simple knock on my knee ended up putting me in hospital with a serious infection that needed 4 days of iv antibiotics and 2 weeks recovery. Something had to change! But what?

Claire Stone Nutrition came to the rescue. She asked me for some information regarding my lifestyle and diet, then worked her magic. We sat and chatted: she explained where I may have been going wrong. Now I’m not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer but even I could understand what she was saying. She introduced me to new foods and new ideas. But was very clear about the fact it was going to be a slow process; we were looking to the future and not an instant fix.

However I don’t even think Claire knew what she’d started and how far it was going to go. Claire planted some seeds in my head: those seeds suddenly started sprouting and within 2 months my life had changed. My personality means I cannot do anything by half: I changed my whole diet and the way I looked at food too.

Within 2 months I’d dropped a small amount of excess fat, had more energy to train harder and for longer and I was recovering quicker. People started to notice not just a change in my physical appearance but also my mental health. All this in turn made family life and work much easier to handle. I’m now the lightest, fittest and most toned I’ve been for 20 years.

Without Claire’s help and advice I would not have been able to make this change. she gave me guidance and advice; combined with my hard work both in the kitchen and the gym, I now can look forward to being able to keep up with my kids in the years to come.

So if you’re willing to listen, open to try new things and work hard, with Claire’s help you too can make changes, no matter how big or small. Good luck!”

Anders Bishop, Cyclist and owner of Chaos Cycles


Testimonials from Workshops:

Claire was very understanding and accommodating whilst trying to organise the workshop for our team.  She patiently completed all the necessary forms required by our Finance Department and was willing to travel to either our own offices or an alternative venue. Claire was keen to understand our requirements and a short survey completed by all team members meant that the workshop was relevant, engaging and inspiring. Claire also left us with easy and practical tips to take away. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Claire to anyone looking for a friendly, down-to-earth session to feature in an away day.

Rachel Evans,
Relationship Manager – Alumni and Corporate
Bristol Business School and Bristol Law School, University of West of England.


Claire gave us a really practical and down to earth session on nutrition. As she says, she is not a “Food Dictator” and the advice she gave appealed to our diverse group whose eating habits are at both ends of the healthy spectrum.  Our awareness of sugar alternatives – good and bad options – improved significantly and the potential health benefits of bacon sandwiches for breakfast continues to be debated back at the office.

Lucy Winterborne, Grant Thornton UK LLP