The Power Up Five Day Summer Detox is here!

The 5 Day Power Up DetoxHey You!

Let’s focus for a moment. You are here for one thing, and one thing only. You want to feel better (or faster, or more energetic, or slimmer, or happier) and you are hoping that I can help you.

Good job. Because I can (but you have to join in too).

Here’s how: I want you to give yourself a huge boost this Summer and sign up for my Power Up Five Day Summer Detox. I want you to take a bold and slightly wild decision to join the quickest and happiest Detox party in the world!

I wrote this Five Day Detox specifically for you because:

  1. You are need a quick and easy-to-follow (and do!) boost which won’t take up the rest of your life and which will be ENJOYABLE.
  2. You kind of know what you should be eating to get fit and healthy but you need a bit of reminding as well as a reason to get off your butt and commit (just for a little while!)
  3. This Five Day Detox – which is all about FOOD – is designed just for you. A busy person who doesn’t like feeling hungry, hasn’t got a huge amount of time and who likes trying new foods.
  4. You really need more energy. I mean, who doesn’t need more energy, but you need a bit more of it RIGHT NOW! You know in your heart that eating rubbish might seem like it’s giving you energy, but deep down in your belly, you know for sure that it’s not gonna give you your bikini body back in a hurry.
  5. I know that you want to feel alive again – feel like you used to before all the work, the kids, the busy-ness got in the way. You want to feel like you did when you went skinny dipping in the sea – before you even knew about belly fat.
  6. I also know that you might not exactly want to be young again, but dammit, you want a bit of that youthful energy back. Even if it just means you can go further on your bike than just around the block.
  7. You know you need to sort your food out, but for some reason, you just can’t cut the crap and eat well. Maybe it’s because you are so tired, maybe it’s because you need a treat or maybe it’s because you just can’t be bothered.

So, yes, I am writing this because I want to you feel like the powerful, lively, healthy (and dare I say it, stylish) person you know you are on the inside!

If you know you want in, click here to go to the sign up page

When you sign up for this awesome Detox, you get all the information you need to breeze this Five Day Detox in one single document. You can even print it if you like. This document contains so much excitement, I’ve had to break it down for you. You get:

  1. Some general guidelines – so you know what to expect straight away.
  2. A more detailed daily breakdown of the Detox so you know exactly where each day is going and exactly how to get there.
  3. A supremely excellent and handy shopping guide. Think of it as a friendly nudge. I don’t tell you what you have to get – it’s more like a list of my top suggestions. This helps get you started and gets your brain into gear. It also means that there aren’t any big surprises later on.
  4. Some of my personal top Detox-boosting tips – so that your Detox really hits the mark.
  5. You even get a shed load of recipes – so that if your mind goes blank, you’ve got a few ideas to save your butt. You can almost do the whole Detox using just my recipes.
  6. You have the option of buying a planner which takes your planning and preparation for the Detox to a whole new level. This means that your five days of detoxing will flow like a mountain stream after the Winter snow has melted.
  7. You get access to my ‘Detox 101’ video which gets you prepped and ready to rumble before you even lift a fork.
  8. You choose when you start the Detox – which means if your hubby celebrates his birthday slap bang in the middle of one week, you just pick a different week.
  9. You get an email from me EVERY DAY of the Detox – which means you aren’t alone. I mean, of course you aren’t alone, but doing a Detox fees so much easier (yes, and enjoyable) when you have a friend (me) join you for the journey. This means that you are much more likely to stick to the Detox and get the full power from it. And even if you slip up a little, I’ll help you get back on track to still get a mega-Detox.
  10. You also get loads of support from all the other amazing Detoxers on my Facebook page. This means that if me cheerleading you on isn’t quite enough, you get a whole bunch of funky detoxers going for the ride with you.
  11. You get to do the Detox as many times as you like (and believe me, plenty of people do) which means that if you have a massive blow-out on holiday in July, you can hit the Detox again when you get back.
  12. You get my BONUS Five Day Happy Boost too – which means that not only will your butt look better than Wonder Woman in her little starry blue shorts, but you’ll actually feel better too.

If you know you want in, click here to go to the sign up page

I totally get that a Detox is a big thing for you. This is mega. And I can almost hear the questions… so I’ve used my mind-reading superpowers to the max, and answered them straight off the bat!

1. Is it going to be too hard for me?

Well, it might be. I can’t say for sure. It’s hard in that you have to spend 5 days eating foods which might be a bit different to what you normally eat, and you’ll have to plan ahead to get the best from it, but the benefits outweigh the effort required by about 1369385% (not an exact figure). Basically, it’s totally worth it.

2. Will I even have enough time to do it?

If you have enough time each day to eat food, then you’ll have enough time to do it. I’ve already mentioned that planning is key, and for busy people, planning is vital. But if you are willing to spend a little time in advance with a planner, and you can be arsed to do a little preparation beforehand, you’ll be fine.

3. Will I get hungry?

If you forget to eat enough, do you get hungry? Yes you do. If you eat enough during the Detox,  you won’t get hungry. And the Detox is FULL to the brim with food ideas.

4. Will I have enough energy to live my life/run around after the kids/cycle to work/go to bootcamp?

Yep. This Detox will GIVE you energy, not take it away. That said, if you’ve never done a detox before, you might have a couple of days where you feel a little crappy and might prefer to hit the sack rather than head out to a disco, but it is one short week (you even get your weekends to party) and it is worth taking one week to chill and focus.

5. I am pregnant – is this a good idea?

Absolutely not. If you are pregnant and want to eat good foods, hurrah. Drop me an email and we can talk. But please don’t do this Detox. This Detox is all about getting the rubbish out of your system. Pregnancy is not the time to be doing that. Same goes for breastfeeding. Sorry.

6. My hubby/kids will NEVER eat strange detox food.

True. I’ve never met them, so couldn’t say for sure. I’m not suggesting that they do the Detox with you, but they may well like some of it. If you are adamant that you’ve just got no chance of doing the Detox and feeding them, why not give them the heads up, and get some for cooked and frozen for them in advance? Or get them to think about how you could work it out. I manage it, and if you really can’t see how it would work, drop me a line and we’ll see if we can figure out a solution.

7. I like rubbish too much and I have no willpower. Am I destined to just waste my money, again?

Well, it’s up to you. This Five Day Detox lasts for just five days. You don’t need any willpower (or at least, not much) because it’s nearly over the minute you start. If you like eating rubbish, this is a fab way to just give your gut a break from the crap for a while. It’s not like a diet which requires you to commit to salad for the rest of your life. We are talking five days. And if you mess up, don’t worry. Just do your best to carry on with it. The Detox is brilliant as a whole, but it’s still pretty darn fab if you only do some of it.

8. I am vegan/coeliac/paleo – is it even worth me doing it?

Totally. Even vegans/coeliacs and paleo folks benefit from a Detox, and this one slots in so nicely, you might fall of your chair in surprise. If you have any specific concerns, drop me an email and we can see if your dietary requirements/health/lifestyle will fit in with the Detox. And I am totally cool if it just doesn’t look like it’s going to work. No pushy-pushy from me.

9. I am soooooooo fussy. What the devil will I eat?

Food! Totally great food! This Detox isn’t about making you feel rubbish about the fact that you are fussy; it’s about finding ways to eat healthy foods which taste top-tastic. Now, I admit that if you HATE vegetables of all kinds and won’t consider trying something new, then this Detox is absolutely not for you. That said, if you feel that now is the time for you to get off your fussy arse and need just a little bit of inspiration, then this is FOR YOU!

10. What if I have loads of questions once I get the information?

Well, you’ll be the only person who ever had a question for me. NOT!

I love answering your questions and will gladly do so until the cows come home. Ask away – via email, Facebook, Twitter or even via the good old fashioned telephone, and I will share my wisdom as best I can.

I also know that investing money in yourself can be quite daunting. In fact, it took me years before I would invest in myself in this way, so I totally get why you might be hesitating about signing up for my Five Day Detox. I proudly believe that this Detox is a supreme example of how spending just a few days thinking about, and planning a really mega load of healthy foods, can make you feel a million dollars. And even though this Detox costs waaaaay less than a million dollars, I will refund you the cost of the Detox (and Planner if you bought it) if you feel disappointed with how it worked out for you. You do actually have to do the Detox though – you can’t just decide that Day 1 was a bit hard and that you can’t be bothered with it anymore!

So, what now? Simple: you just click here and you’ll head straight to the sign up page. When you get there, you’ll be surprised to find something of a choice bazaar. Yes, I know that you don’t like having to choose, but it’s important that you do. Your choices will be which date you want to start the Detox (hint: it starts every Monday!) and whether or not you want to buy the Detox Planner too (hint: you most probably do, unless you are already a Planning Hero, in which case, skip the Planner)

It’s as simple as that. You get everything you need to get you ready for the Detox – except you don’t get a personal chef to do it all for you. That’s your job.

So, why not go ahead and sign up now?

Sure, it’s nice to have a little think about it, but seriously, these things fly by before you can say ‘cantaloupe melon’ and before you know it, the school holidays will be here, and you’ll have forgotten all about this Detox.  You’ll be putting your beach sarong on again to hide your bum instead of running down to the sea in an itsy-bitsy-polka dot bikini.

So, think about it, for sure. But don’t delay getting your arse into gear tooooo long.

If you need a little gentle persuasion, click here to read some comments from people who did my last Detox – The Spring Energy Five Day Detox.  They loved it and I’m sure you will love this one.

If you know you want in, click here to go to the sign up page

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