Time away from the busy-ness of life

Life is soooo busy.

There are always a million things that need to be done. And if you are running your own business – like me! – finding time to actually do proper ‘thinking’ work on your business is really really hard. And it’s just as hard to eat right when you barely have time to put paper in your printer.

That’s why I run The Healthy Business Retreat. It’s a great time to get away from the busy-ness of life, and head right into the heart of your business.

But in a wonderfully relaxing yet focused way.

HBR mind mappingOur second Healthy Business Retreat was held over three beautifully sunny days at the end of June: we ate, walked, talked, mind-mapped and generally had a grand old time. But rather than just hear my view on the Retreat, I figured I would let some of the wonderful participants do the job for me.


Our first review is from a wonderful woman who was busy trying to figure out if her plans for starting a business were worth pursuing.


(please note that some of the reviews are from people who are currently in employment, and who don’t necessarily want their names out there in case their employers finding out that they have world domination plans – hence the lack of referenced names!)

“Signing up for the healthy business retreat I had one goal in mind: to spend some time thinking about me, my vision and how I could make it a reality.

Being away from the hustle and bustle of life was key.

The retreat gave me tranquil space, many learnings, tools, reassurance and confidence to take my business concept forward as well as invaluable health tips and a sense of self care that I have reflected on and maintained since.

Great ‘product’, amazing and inspiring experts, and new friends that I know I will be back in touch with again soon.”

You don’t have to be in the start-up stage of your business to join us on our Healthy Business Retreat.

Kristina, from Towerwood Vets wanted some time away from her role as a busy Director to focus on herself, and her goals and aims with the business.


“I instantly knew this (the Healthy Business Retreat) was something I wanted to do.

Being in the beautiful Cotswolds for a couple of days working on my business ideas and being catered for by a nutritionist… I mean I’d have been daft not to take the opportunity, right?

So I went and I’m so so glad I did.

The whole experience was such a relaxing one, and when you are relaxing stuff just seems to sink in that little bit easier. I got my thoughts organised away from my busy work schedule and home life; I prioritised what so wanted to get done over the next few weeks, all with the help of an inspirational and diverse group of women.

These were people I wouldn’t have normally met in my working life, all from different backgrounds with business ideas that we shared with ease in a safe environment. No one was judged, because everyone had something they could bring to help each other.

Magdalena guided the group through some business workshops and new ideas to help organise thought processes, structure business plans and helped us start to understand the minefield of online marketing and website management.

Claire provided delicious meals that inspired me to continue to cook similar meals at home with ease.

I cannot recommend one of Claire and Magdalena’s retreats highly enough. I felt so energised and alive driving home, despite the 3 hour drive and arrived home feeling totally revitalised. The combination of organising my thoughts and eating nutritious food was what helped me feel as good as I still do two weeks later.”


And finally, Mary – a coach and business owner who came on our first Healthy Business Retreat at the start of the year, and who was inspired to join us again.


“My second time to the Healthy Business Retreat and really loved it.

Magdalena and Claire really pull out all the stops and over deliver.

They are both experts in their field so ask them anything. The food is delicious and the healthiest you’ll get anywhere. Every aspect of the retreat is planned to perfection. I met some great people, exchanged business ideas and got feedback on my own business.

Thanks so much!”

If you are feeling inspired to join us for our next Retreat at the end of September, head here to find out the full details and to book your place. Isn’t it time to take time out from the busy-ness of life, and focus on your actual business?

We’d love to see you there!


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