Too. Much. Chocolate.

I’m Claire, a nutritional therapist who likes eating chocolate.

Why am I confessing this right at the start?

Well, I don’t want you to think that:

a) I’m a food dictator;

b) That I only eat pure, clean and 100% perfectly all the time.

No matter how much we know about food, or nutrition, or healthy living, we all slip into cheeky habits. The odd nibble of chocolate becomes a flood of Easter Eggs at this time of year. And the occasional social glass of wine easily becomes a whole bottle after a hard day.

That’s why we all (including especially me) need a little chance to turn off the ‘treat’ switch, and have a few days of really good food. Instead of ‘trying really hard’ to stop eating chocolate (or avoid all the cheeky things which creep in after a long ol’ Winter, I prefer the logic of filling my days with so much good food, that the crappy stuff doesn’t even get a look in.

That’s why I do a Reboot – and I try to make it suit the season.

But what does the season have to do with anything?

We like to think that we are thoroughly modern creatures, but when it comes down to it, we are actually just somewhat-less-hairy-bears, who need to stay warm in the Winter. We do that by eating loads of rubbish, and not doing much exercise and generally flopping about being all unmotivated (and potentially feeling all rubbish about the fact that we set some goals in January, but couldn’t actually be bothered to even get started on them).

The Spring is the best time to start eating better. It’s the best time to start doing some exercise. It’s the best time of year to set some new goals. And it’s even the best time of year to start a little ‘belly padding removal, if that’s what you are after.

Why? Because its SPRING!
The plants are growing, the bees are starting to buzz, and the sun is coming out. It’s time to stop hibernating and run around like a spring chicken.

The thought of eating a hearty casserole no longer feels quite right and instead, a salad suddenly seems like a good idea. It’s your natural instinct to eat a little more seasonally kicking in.

But in the modern world, we tend to ignore our natural instincts and just eat the same old stuff that we always eat. Day in, day out. Week in, week out. Year in, year out.

Which isn’t fun, it doesn’t constitute a balanced diet, and it certainly gets boring.

Spring Reboot

A good Reboot (such as, for example, this one created by me!) will get you eating the kind of food you should be eating in the right season – salady stuff, fresh food and the kinds of ingredients that’ll give your insides a bit of fresh Spring and Summer love and give you a tonne of energy to get focused on your goals for the rest of the year.

But a good Reboot shouldn’t take over your whole life. That’s why this one is only five days long.

Five days is long enough to ditch the sugar without too much trouble, but isn’t so long that you end up desperately waiting for it to finish. That would be sad. And is definitely something that I would never do.

My Five Day Reboot is just five days to reset your ‘treat’ switch without having to actually ditch the chocolate.

You can sooooo tell this was created by me…

The Summer Reboot will be starting on Monday 20th June.

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