What’s up with skincare?

Something has been bothering me about skincare for a long time:

What on earth made someone think that putting tiny pieces of plastic into skincare and toothpaste would be a good idea?

Someone, somewhere literally went: ‘we don’t need to worry about what happens to the plastic after it’s been used because it’ll just wash down the drain’. 

Or did they even get that far? Did they just go: ‘our consumers want to exfoliate and we don’t want to waste money, so let’s just use cheap bits of plastic because all our consumers care about is their shiny fresh skin.’

Whatever. For some reason, someone (or rather, a few someones) decided that not only was it ok to do that, but that we wouldn’t notice.

Which we didn’t for quite a long time. Until someone pointed out that the plastic was going straight out to sea, and now the plastic is everywhere and the cosmetics companies are busy shouting about how brilliant they are for removing microplastics from their products.

It’s enough to make this nutritionist scream.

But instead of screaming, this nutritionist decided that rather than just moan about the rubbish that gets put into products, it might be worth turning a personal interest in natural and ethical skincare into something a tiny bit more public.

Time to start shouting from the rafters that what you put on your skin is just as important as what you put in your body.

Luckily for this nutritionist, the perfect opportunity came up with the glorious and most marvellous ethical and cruelty-free skincare and beauty company, called Rare Beauty. Not only does Rare Beauty champion hand-made, British, natural skin care and beauty products, but the wonderful creator of Rare Beauty is also keen to make sure the environmental credentials of the companies she champions are top notch. So the bottles aren’t made of single use plastic and the packing is environmentally friendly and there DEFINITELY are no micro-plastics (or any other random and unexpected nasties) in any of the products.

I’m so happy and excited about Rare Beauty that I applied to become one of their Residents: someone who would test their skincare products and write honest reviews of them. You can find some of my favourites ones here, here and here. if you like the idea of reading a non-reviewery-type review!

Initially, I was a bit nervous about doing this: surely becoming a reviewer of beauty products would mean I had to be beautiful, or at least think I was some kind of hot babe and that doing this would mean trying to be someone I’m not. (I have, after all, pretty much never read a beauty product review nor do I even buy magazines which might have beauty reviews in them!)

Turns out that it’s actually perfectly ok to be a 44 year old, starting to go wrinkly and grey, non-glamourous mum of two and become a beauty reviewer. In fact, if I do say so myself, it’s my lack of beauty expertise or experience, combined with the fact that I’m lazy as a chicken when it comes to beauty regimes, that makes me a good reviewer – ie, I’m more like you (although, obvs, I’m not saying you are lazy, wrinkly, going grey or a lazy chicken!) than perhaps a lot of other reviewers might be and I don’t have time to be faffing around doing my eyebrows on a daily basis.

So here I am: a nutritionist with a mug business, a litter picking habit that has taken over the whole year and who has now also turned her hand to beauty reviewer. Is there anything I can’t do? (aside from personally removing each and every blooming micro-plastic from the sea which I’m working on, slowly…)

I’m keen to share my joy of these new-found companies and products (there really are some AMAZING businesses in the UK doing some really incredibly awesome things) so I’ll be posting occasionally about my Rare Beauty Resident adventures here on this blog and if you’d like to check out just what I’m talking about, head here to the brand new Rare Beauty website. Use the very special Rare Beauty Launch code of RBlaunch to get a whopping 20% off all of the wonderful goodies that look after your skin AND the environment.

Here’s to sending fewer plastics into the sea!

With love and thanks for joining me on this journey,


PS: to celebrate the launch of Rare Beauty this week, I’m also offering £5 off my Start Right Sessions so why not sort out your diet AND your skincare all at the same time? Get in touch to get the Start Right ball rolling!

4 thoughts on “What’s up with skincare?”

  1. Thank you so much for your support and fabulous reviews Claire, we have loved reading them and know that our customers will too! You are part or our women-led collective who is challenging the mainstream beauty industry and all that it stands for.

    • It’s brilliant to be part of such a fab group – you’ve done a great job of bringing together companies, products and people who are all trying to do their bit! Thanks for letting me be part of this; I’m looking forward to sharing as much as I can!

  2. Good morning, Claire (well, here in the Upper Midwest of the USA anyway!) ~
    I’m delighted to continue to be part of your community.
    Thank you for telling us about What’s New and Interesting in the world of body care, in the broadest sense of that category!
    Blessings to you ~


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