Wheat free?

So, I’m two weeks in to my ‘wheat-free’ existence, and it’s been a total blast.

Well, maybe not a blast, but it’s been interesting, for sure.

To recap, in case you had forgotten (and it’s perfectly likely that you had done, so don’t feel bad about it):

I finally decided to give myself a break from wheat. I’ve had an inkling for a while that it might be worth a try, but being a stubborn old mule who clearly doesn’t like to follow her own thoughtful nutritional advice, I’d been busy convincing myself that it was all just BS.

One of the main reasons for giving up wheat (this is a personal story remember – none of this is actual advice from me to you) was that wheat can be quite inflammatory.

Which in itself isn’t necessarily a huge problem.

But, simply put: I come from a highly inflammatory family. Or rather, I come from a family which has more than it’s fair share of health issues which could be linked to inflammation of the highest order.

The fact is that I, the sole non-inflamed member of my family, was starting to notice the beginnings of inflammation,  but happily ignored the whole issue for a year or two (happens to us all, eh) but then I woke up, smelled the biscuit and decided to ditch the habit.

It hasn’t been hard, as such.

It’s just been annoying.

I’ve happily skipped sarnies and museli and cake without any trouble (although a tiny bit of chocolate cake did slip in this avo at a party,  whoops). I’ve not even noticed the lack of wheat in my pasta, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the loosening of my waistband as a result of having to politely decline cookies with coffee.

I’ve not even been bothered about the extra planning involved in making sure I had a wheat free picnic when we went to the beach – I already do that for my daughter, so it’s nothing new.

The thing that I’ve found more frustrating than anything else is the simple fact that ‘wheat-free’ stuff – ie the things that are pretending to be a wheat-based product, but aren’t – is full of complete and utter SHITE.

Yes, I did it. I just swore a little. And that’s because I generally don’t like eating shite, but for some reason there is a whole world of wheat-free shite out there that I just hadn’t properly noticed before.

Instead of just making foods which happen to not have wheat in them, there is a whole (massive) industry out there creating replicas of wheat stuff, packed with fillers, preservatives, emulsifiers and general pap to make them resemble the wheat thing that they are replacing.

Now, this might not be relevant to you at all, in which case, head here to watch a surf video (with me in it -near the end) instead.

But, if it is relevant to you because you are either totally gluten free, or because you are just reducing your wheat intake, then read on. (there isn’t much more…)

I like eating good food.

I like real food.

You know, the kind which is made of actual ingredients that you might find in the cupboard, or at least somewhere in the supermarket. I tend to not like food which has an ingredients list which looks like an experiment.

So it’s really darned annoying that, in trying to reduce my wheat intake, I seem to have the option of eating shite instead.

Now, it’s not too bad for me because, I can, after all, choose to eat wheat again. I’m totally at liberty to take a croissant and shove it in my mouth any time I choose.

But if you are a coeliac, for example, you can’t do that. Your choices are pain and illness, or eating shite.

Which doesn’t seem fair.

At the very least, it seems pretty mean to make someone whose digestion is already struggling have to choose between more problems, or a food which their digestive system isn’t really designed to digest. Surely there are plenty of alternatives to the shite out there?

I think I may be on a mission now.

To find wheat-free, and even gluten-free foods which are tasty, easy to digest and are actually made from food.

Game on.


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