Workshops and wellbeing


“We were delighted to have Claire come to Lloyds Bank and present to our Bristol Women’s Breakthrough Network on ‘easy nutrition for performance’.

Her approach is so refreshing – she doesn’t preach, but offered practical advice that was explained in comprehensive way and easy to take on. Her down-to-earth style was really entertaining and engaged the whole group, with so many questions thrown her way and a queue of people wanting to hear more at the end.”

Lisa Sampson, Women’s Breakthrough Chair, Lloyd’s Bank.

Wellbeing workshops and talks

Wouldn’t it be nice if your team or group didn’t spend their lives worrying about whether or not they should be drinking diet soda?

As a nutritionist who is the opposite of a food dictator, my workshops aren’t the usual mix of ‘do this’ and ‘don’t do that’.

You could choose a stand alone lunch and learn style workshop, based around what your team needs.

“Claire gave us a really practical and down to earth session on nutrition. As she says, she is not a “Food Dictator” and the advice she gave appealed to our diverse group whose eating habits are at both ends of the healthy spectrum.  Our awareness of sugar alternatives – good and bad options – improved significantly and the potential health benefits of bacon sandwiches for breakfast continues to be debated back at the office.”

Lucy Winterborne, Grant Thornton UK LLP

Or a short series of workshops titled ‘Focus’, ‘Energy’ and ‘Recharge’ to help your team really feel the benefit.

And for those people who need a more personalised coaching approach, we can do that too with drop-in consultations all held on location.

For full details about how I can help in your business, check out Claire Stone Nutrition @ Work

You’ve completely changed my life, for the better.
Yes, a big statement, I know, but it’s true!
I implemented one of your tips, and I truly feel like a different person.
I’m one of those people who’s ruled by my stomach, and get really grouchy when I’m hungry (my partner calls it ‘the food monster’!!), and usually this would happen to me by 10 am because I’d be hungry already. Now I keep going till lunchtime without any problems, it’s amazing and I really feel so much better for it! The rest of the day seems to go more smoothly too in terms of food, I feel more balanced.
So, thank you so much!!

Laetitia Templeman, Journalist


Talks for groups or clubs:

When you are setting up your speaker programme for the next year, you want to know, FOR SURE, that the topics you pick are going to be relevant for your group/club. You also want to make sure that everyone will actually enjoy the workshops and won’t fall asleep after ten minutes. And you definitely want to know that at the end of the talk, there won’t be that awkward silence that happens when NOBODY has a question for the speaker.

I have a special knack of making the topic of food, eating well and health interesting, relevant and even a little bit funny.

Drop me an email, or give me a call and we’ll see if my kind of talk is what you need.

Claire’s no nonsense, friendly approach to nutrition left me feeling positive and empowered about how I fuel my body, instead of feeling guilty for eating ‘naughty foods’ – thanks for the tips, I feel better already!

Amy Morse, Authorpreneur