Worried? Don't be.

There’s always something to worry about, no matter who you are.


Even people who look like they have the easiest life in the world probably has something that causes them to flap around like a wild fish at bedtime.

The trouble with worrying is that, as we all know, it doesn’t actually do any good. You never find the answer to your problem when you are busy worrying, and if the worst does happen, spending months in advance won’t help you handle it any better. So you might as well just not worry in the first place.

BUT, if your natural default is to worry, then there is one key thing you can do to make it easier for your body and brain to handle it.

And that key thing is:

Drink water.

(sorry it’s not wildly exciting)


And here’s why:

When your body is dehydrated, it is in a state of stress. Which means it is ready to see almost everything as something to worry about.

Not only that, but your brain is around 80% water – so if you are dehydrated, so is your brain. And the bit of your brain which controls how you respond to things (ie, the area which you use to make decisions, and how you see the world) is the bit that gets dehydrated first. Which means that when you are dehydrated, you are literally making it almost impossible to think clearly about whatever it is that is causing you to worry.

So, drink more water, and at the same time, drink less stuff which is dehydrating: ie less tea, coffee, alcohol, and fizzy drinks.

Yup, it sounds boring, and I guess it is a bit. But sometimes the easy, simple and boring things are the best – we just don’t do them because, well, they seem too easy, too simple and too boring to bother trying.

Here’s something else I wrote about happiness.

That’s where I come in – I am a superstar at making the simple boring stuff seem just a little bit more useful and do-able.

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