Your New Year Weight Loss Resolution is rubbish – Podcast Episode 3

Your New Year Resolution to lose weight this year is a rubbish one. It really is. And even though you really mean it, you are probably going to fail.


Because many resolutions – up to around 60% of them, depending on what you read – fail within one month. ONE month.

And if you are planning on losing weight, changing your eating habits or starting a fitness program, that figure goes even higher – up to 80% of fitness and health resolutions fail.

So why bother? Why even think about making changes if those changes are going to fail before the first month of the year has come to a close?

In our third podcast (whoohooo!), my great friend and brilliant mindful eating coach Lisa Beasley from My Body Positive and I share our take on the every present New Year Resolution – especially ones relating to dieting in the Winter. Do take a listen, especially if you’ve over-indulged this Christmas and are feeling tempted to cut calories once we get into 2018 – we share some great ideas for helping you start 2018 in a way that will work for you.

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you have a question around dieting or weight loss or body image that you’d like us to answer, please do get in touch so that we can feature your question in one of our podcasts in 2018.

And finally: thank you for listening – we are so excited to be able to share our conversations with you and wish you a wonderful start to 2018!

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